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Aglaya Kuznetsova
Career in computer graphics
Professional art director, compositor(VFX) and project supervisor in the field of computer graphics. Aglaya began her career in 2004 with the film "Turkish Gambit" at the Mosfilm film studio as a compositing artist. Russian Russian film projects, with Russian and foreign brands in advertising, worked on the implementation of top Russian film projects, created a unique quality picture for animated and 3D cartoons. I know how to be part of a team, organize and manage the production process.
Currently, I manage projects for advertising, cinema and NFT, harmoniously combining artistic and organizational professional skills.

Professional activity:
2004-2005 – Mosfilm-Art – compositing artist;
2005-2007 – Doctor's Photographs – Compositing artist;
2007-2009 – Asymmetric VFX – lead compositor;
2009-2015 – Asymmetric VFX supervisor, art- lightyear, lightyear;
2015-2018 – Jingliki - art director.
From 2018 to the present – an individual entrepreneur.

Worked on films as such:
"Wolfhound", "Forbidden Reality", "Inhabited Island", "Book of Masters", "Black Lightning", "We are from the future-2", "Real fairy tale", "Viy", "Coma" and so on.

Was an art director in full CG cartoons:
«Quackerz», «JingleKids».

Some advertising projects with my participation:
"Heinz 24 hours", "NTC Appshop", "Meridian - joke", "shoko M&m", "Rastishka" school of magic, bug-eyed, surprise, etc., "Chester treasures", "Chester and bees", "Kia Sportage - makes the weather", "Amstel", "LZTE", "Nivea", "Loreal" and so on.

Jinglik's show reEl 2015-2018
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